Science Council

The Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis appoints the members of a Science Council which is tasked with ensuring the quality and providing views on reports and analysis design. The Science Council also provides help by incorporating research results into the Agency’s activities, and is a part of the Agency’s work in maintaining networks with Swedish and Nordic cultural policy research environments. The following individuals are members of the Science Council:

Kim Forss

Doctor of Economics, works from his company Andante – tools for thinking AB, researching on re-evaluating research, education and the implementation of evaluations tasks. For several years a board member and Chair of the Swedish Evaluation Society. Has, for example, carried out evaluations for UNESCO.

Anne-Li Lindgren

Professor of Child and Youth Studies at Stockholm University and senior lecturer in the Children Theme at Linköping University. Conducts interdisciplinary child research including research into childhood, children’s culture, pre-school and the media in school.

Jenny Johannisson

Senior lecturer in Library and Information Science and Vice Principal of the University of Borås. Has researched a great deal in local and regional cultural policy. Chair of the scientific committee for the International Conference on Cultural Policy Research (ICCPR). Previously chair of the board for SweCult and assistant editor of Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural Research, both owned by Linköping University.

Henrik Nordvall

Senior lecturer in Pedagogics and Director of Mimer – the Network for Research in Popular Education at Linköping University. Conducts his own research into popular education and political movements.

Pasi Saukkonen

Director of the Finnish Foundation for Cultural Policy, Cupore, Helsinki. Senior lecturer in Cultural Policy at Jyväskylä University and in Politics at Helsinki University. His research deals in particular with local cultural policy, the relation between cultural policy and cultural diversity and the third sector in the cultural field.

Göran Sundström

Göran Sundström is a senior lecturer in Politics at the Department of Politics, Stockholm University and a researcher at the Stockholm Centre for Organizational (Score). His research concerns issues of administration, administrative policy, the Europeanisation of states, the role of civil servants, the steering of the public sector and new institutional theory.

Oddrun K. Sæter

Professor of Sociology at Oslo and Akershus University College. Professor Sæter is currently research director of a strategic interdisciplinary programme on big cities. She is also responsible for a number of evaluation studies in Norway at national and regional level.

Lars Westin

Professor of Regional Economics, Director of CERUM, the Centre for Regional Science, Umeå University.