The Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis appoints the members of a Science Council which is tasked with ensuring the quality and providing views on reports and analysis design. The Science Council also provides help by incorporating research results into the Agency’s activities, and is a part of the Agency’s work in maintaining networks with Swedish and Nordic cultural policy research environments. The following individuals are members of the Science Council:

Anne-Li Lindgren

Professor of Child and Youth Studies at Stockholm University and senior lecturer in the Children Theme at Linköping University. Conducts interdisciplinary child research including research into childhood, children’s culture, pre-school and the media in school.

Bjarki Valtysson

Björn Rombach

Erling Bjurström

Lars Westin

Professor of Regional Economics, Director of CERUM, the Centre for Regional Science, Umeå University.

Maria Hirvi-Ijäs

Sigrid Røyseng

Trine Bille