The Agency’s objective is to provide substantial support to the development of cultural policy, to aid the government and thereby create better prerequisites for those people active in the cultural sector.

Our work is determined by instructions and appropriate directions from the authorities. In these policy documents, the primary expectations of the Agency are stated as well as its specific tasks. In our analysis plan, it is apparent how we have chosen to tackle our task and how we organise our work. Read more about the Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis publications. Our reports are in Swedish and provided with an English summary.

Areas of activity

Statistics and cultural habits

The Agency is responsible for the majority of the official statistics within the spheres of culture and leisure. It is, therefore, tasked with developing an infrastructure to monitor developments in the cultural field,

The follow-up statistics create an infrastructure for monitoring developments in the cultural field, facilitating analyses and the research both of the Agency and other actors and providing a documentary basis for the debate on cultural policy and policy measures. Read more about the Agency’s statistical work.

Horizon scanning and research monitoring

The Agency strives to monitor, illustrate and analyse trends and developments nationally and in other countries and in associated areas of policy. This means that the aim of the agency is to capture and describe events and general trends affecting cultural policy, but above all its horizon scanning aims to understand and explain the ways in which these influence cultural policy.

The Agency also has a research task which implies monitoring research in the cultural field and the area of evaluation both nationally and internationally. The aim is to utilise cultural policy research, place it in a cultural policy context and actively brief on the latest research in order to provide knowledge creating the prerequisites for the development of cultural policy.

Evaluation of reforms, measures and efforts

The Agency carries out analyses and evaluations focusing on state reforms, measures and efoorts. The Agency strives to illustrate the functionality of existing systems and links to international initiatives such as EU and Nordic cooperation. Analysis can also be produced in connection with new reforms and planned measures and efforts in order to assess their anticipated effects and costs. The evaluations attempt to provide answers regarding the implementation of the reforms and their effects.

Situation assessments

The Agency regularly produces broad syntheses, situation assessments, analyses and reconciliations in relation to the cultural policy objectives. The situation assessments are to aid in determining whether there are major deviations from cultural policy objectives or an unfavourable development or situation regarding specific groups in society. Through the situation assessments, we attempt to indicate areas of cultural policy in which it is important to take political measures.